Activities of SVM

It gives me immense pleasure to present before all of us ” A TRYST WITH SVM, PAL”. This TRYST is a medium for everyone to know about SVM and its various activities in various fields. The organisation has been always working for a holistic pattern of development.

Its efforts have been in the field of transforming the lives of the people of the community through its various services in the form of educational initiatives, agricultural development, tribal development, irrigation facilities, rural development and many other initiatives of similar nature.

Last 50 years have built a strong foundation and strengthened us with a rich set of experiences and learnings. This has rejuvenated SVM to become stronger in its initiative and commitment towards development. We are looking forward for support and facilitation from all the quarters of our society to assist SVM in its initiatives for a noble cause.

There are great expectations from the Seven Point Development Programme that is being pursued by the organisation and we hope that the results yielded by undertaking this programme would further take us to new heights.Ajit Khushal Patil

Shri Ajit Khushal Patil – Secretary



SVM has 3 main branches of activities which it provides to their community. To find out more about each of the activities – click on each of the options below:

  1. Education
  2. Agriculture – KVK
  3. Other Activities